My Native Village Paragraph Class 6-10, SSC & HSC – 2023

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My Native Village Paragraph

Bangladesh is a small country that has almost 80000 villages. These villages are filled with natural beauty. The culture and the artefacts of rural areas show the simplicity of wonder. I’m going to say something about my native village Gunaighor.

My name is Masum Billah, I’m a student in class 9. I live in my village Gunaighor which is located in Debidwar upazila, Cumilla Zilla. I live here with my whole family as I was born here. My village is a very small native area with unbearable and unimaginable natural beauty. People live here very peacefully. There are almost 1500 people living here.

Maximum people are farmers. They grow crops on their own land and get busy the whole day with the herd of cattle. Women take care of their children in the house and are busy with other household work like washing, cleaning, cooking, making katha, flower baskets, boxes, nets, etc. Every day the fisherman wakes up from sleep so early then they go to catch fish. There are many types of people who live in my village, They are from different races, different religions, and different cultures. But the most important thing is that they live together without any problems, without any disputes.

There are almost 60% of people are Muslim. 30% of people are Hindu, and 10 % are from other religions. We all are helpful to each other. There are 7 Mashjid in our village, temples, and one Girja.

We have one river named Gumti that passes through our village. Every day we go to the river to swim and catch fish. Our village has one of the most beautiful Masjid in Bangladesh called Manjur Mashjid. It has a very beautiful architectural design that impresses visitors to come from all over the country.

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Our Village Paragraph

Bangladesh is a country with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Its villages offer an enchanting scenery of trees, fields, rivers, and forests. Actually, Bangladesh is a country of villages. There are more than 87,000 villages in Bangladesh, each with its unique geography, culture, and traditions

The village beauty of Bangladesh lies in its simplicity, authenticity, and hospitality. The villages in Bangladesh are filled with green vegetation, ponds, canals, and small villages made of bamboo and thatch. The houses are usually made of mud and clay, giving them a rustic charm.

The daily lifestyle of the villagers is very peaceful and close to nature. They rise early in the morning to take care of their livestock and crops, and the evenings are spent relaxing with family and friends. The villagers’ way of life is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity as they use their time-honoured knowledge and experience to adapt to modern innovations.

Aside from the stunning natural landscapes, the village people are an added factor that complements the beauty of the region. Bangladeshis are famous for their hospitality and warmth, and this can be experienced in full force when one visits the village areas. The villagers are always happy to welcome guests, making them feel at home with their smiles and excellent cooking skills.

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In conclusion, The village beauty of Bangladesh is undoubtedly a unique experience a canvas portraying the serenity of nature and the gracefulness of simple living. It is an opportunity to retreat from the city’s chaos and immerse oneself in a way of life that has remained unchanged for years. A visit to Bangladesh’s rural areas is a must for anyone who desires to connect with nature and appreciate the simple things of life.


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