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  • What is environmental pollution?
  • Where do you live?
  • What kinds of pollution do you find in your locality?
  • What problems are these pollutions creating in your locality?
  • How can you check these pollutions in your locality?

Environment Pollution Paragraph

Nowadays Environment pollution is one of the most talked about topics of the world. Our environment is polluted in two ways-air pollutions and water pollution. Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes the air, man makes fire to cook his food, makes bricks, melts pitch for road construction, and burns wood.

All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes the air. Railway engines, mills and factories, and power-houses use coal and oil. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel. Again all these things cause air pollution. Water is polluted in many ways.
Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticide in their lands to grow more food. The rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. They get mixed with canal water and river water. Mills and factories pollute water by throwing waste materials and unsold products into the rivers and canals.

Steamers, launches, and even sail-boats pollute water by throwing oil, food waste, and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks of the rivers and canals also pollute water. Thus air and water are polluted and as a result, our environment gets polluted. Water pollution can be prevented in many ways.

First of all, we should make the people aware of the fact that water is next to air. It is called life. So chemical fertilizers and pesticides should not be allowed to mix with river water, canal water, and pond water. Mills and factories should not throw waste materials and unsold products into rivers and canals. Steamers, motor launches, and even sail-boats should not throw oil, food waste, and human waste into the rivers and canals. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside should not be built on the banks of rivers and canals. Fine awareness should be created in the public. Air pollution can be prevented by taking proper steps and necessary measures and creating public awareness.

Environment Pollution Paragraph For HSC

The environment refers to the air, water, and land on which people, animals, and plants live. Therefore, human beings, animals, plants, air, water, and soil are the main elements of the environment. There are also natural forces which are also the elements of the environment. There is an interrelation among all these elements of the environment. The term ‘ecology’ refers to such interrelation. But ecology or ecosystem may heavily get damaged owing to the pollution of the environment.

The world is producing millions of tons of domestic rubbish and toxic industrial waste each year. The disposal of various kinds of waste is seriously polluting the environment. We know that air is an important element of our environment and air is polluted by smoke. Man makes fires to cook food, make bricks, and melt tar for road construction. Fire creates smoke and smoke pollutes the air. Railway engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning coal and oil. Mills and factories also emit a lot of smoke. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel oil. They too emit smoke. All these smokes pollute air and polluted air causes respiratory diseases like cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Water, another vital element of the environment is also polluted in different ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. These also pollute the water of rivers, canals, and ponds being washed away by rainwater. Water vehicles pollute rivers too by dumping oil, food waste and human waste. Insanitary latrines and unsafe drains are also responsible for water pollution. Water pollution causes poisoning and water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea.

The next factor is sound pollution from vehicle homs and microphones. This might cause aggression and damage to hearing. Odour pollution from dumped or untreated human waste causes serious discomfort to our sense of smell and attracts disease-bearing creatures such as rats and flies. Soil pollution from the dumped waste turns the fertile land into a sterile land.

Since the effect of pollution is very harmful, we should take immediate steps not only in one country but also worldwide to prevent pollution.


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