Gender Discrimination Paragraph For Class 6-10, SSC & HSC- 2023

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Gender discrimination is a growing problem in this day and age. People often don’t realize the impact gender discrimination has on society, but it’s for good reason. Gender discrimination has the ability to change the way you think about yourself, your friends, and even how you treat those around you.

Gender Discrimination Paragraph

Gender discrimination means treating any gender in society unfairly. When a person of any gender is not given his/her rights just because of his gender, that is called gender discrimination. That means if someone is neglected because of his gender, he is the victim of gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination can affect both men and women, although it most commonly affects women who are often paid less, promoted less, and subjected to sexual harassment and bias in the workplace.

There are so many problems that are the main culprits of the development of a society. Of them, gender discrimination is one of the main problems. We have many fields around us where gender discrimination happens. Important places like offices, schools, colleges, universities, Competitions, seminars, programs, events, and other workplaces have a touch of gender discrimination.

Especially women in our society face this problem the most. They are the worst sufferers of this gender discrimination problem. They start facing it from birth at the family stages. Male children get the best facilities of the family, They have all the priorities and importance but female children are often neglected.

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People think that male children will earn money one day and female children will do only domestic work. That’s why they give more facilities to male children. Our society is always dominated and directed by males. Everywhere the males make the final decisions, they dominate everywhere.

Gender discrimination can have a bad impact on an individual’s personal and professional life, causing stress, mental health issues, and limited career advancement opportunities. It is illegal in many countries and prohibited by international human rights law.

Gender Discrimination Paragraph For HSC
Gender Discrimination Paragraph

Gender Discrimination Paragraph For HSC

Gender discrimination refers to the inequality of a specific gender. It means treating someone unequally just because he is a male or female. If someone is neglected because of his gender, it is called gender discrimination.

It can occur in various spheres of life such as education, employment, healthcare, politics, marriage, and family. Gender discrimination can come in the form of unequal opportunities, unequal pay, harassment, negative stereotypes, and biases against one’s gender.

Our society is always dominated from the root by man. People always give priority to the man. Women in society are often neglected in many ways just because she is female. But we can’t develop our society without giving the same importance to both men and women. Gender discrimination has really a negative impact on society in various ways.

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Gender discrimination leads to lower self-esteem, lower sense of accomplishment, and lower motivation among the affected individuals. This can ultimately affect their mental as well as physical health. Gender discrimination also affects the economic growth of a society, as it limits the potential of the entire population.

Women who face discrimination in the workplace may earn less than men for the same job or may struggle to progress to higher positions. Discrimination based on gender can also contribute to societal inequality and a lack of diversity in areas such as leadership, education, and employment opportunities.

Gender discrimination violates the human rights of individuals and is a clear violation of international human rights standards. Discrimination based on gender reinforces harmful gender stereotypes, further entrenching gender roles and perpetuating harmful social norms.


Overall, the gender discrimination paragraph has a wide range of negative consequences that affect individuals, society, and the economy as a whole. It is essential to recognize and address this issue in order to promote gender equality and a fairer society.

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