Global Warming Paragraph For Class 6 To HSC – 2023

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Global Warming Paragraph

Global warming is an environmental threat to the entire world. Everyone should know about it. The world is getting hotter day by day because of greenhouse effects and gas. We, humans, are responsible for this.

Global Warming means increasing global temperature day by day. Most climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect and the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide around the globe are the main cause of global warming. Many reports say that it has already become an alarming problem nowadays. The temperature may have risen by as much as 4°C midway through this century.

This can be very harmful to the ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wildlife and wilderness, and also cause the rise of sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmlands. The whole world is now at risk of global warming.

Many countries’ sea levels have already been raised in the danger zone. Coastal communities and island nations like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Chad, Haiti, Kenya, Malaysia, Maldives, and Niger are facing the highest risks associated with the climate crisis due to rising sea levels. Bangladesh has been fighting for decades.

The alarming news about Bangladesh is that our sea level is rising, and the southern part of the country may one day go underwater. We should be concerned about it. We can prevent this by planting more and more trees. Most situations are made by a human.

Several types of pollution and deforestation are the main reasons for global warming and climate change. As we know trees are the main element of the environment that takes the carbon dioxide we leave in the air, so we need to stop cutting trees. Everyone should start planting more and more trees. That’s the biggest solution.  If we become aware of the upcoming problems, We can avoid them.

Global Warming Paragraph For Class 9-10
global warming paragraph

Global Warming Paragraph For Class 9-10

Global warming is one of the major problems the whole world facing right now. Earth is a beautiful place to live. It should be full of oxygen. But the world temperature is growing day by day. It is a threat to our living.

Sea levels are rising in almost every country. According to expert reports, the world after a couple of hundred years will be unable to live, if the carbon dioxide level keeps increasing. That means our future generation is in deep danger. They won’t have a safe world to live in. It will be too disastrous for them.

If we want to give them a safer world, We will have to focus on how to prevent global warming. What are the causes behind it? What should we do to make the world safer for our future generation? There are many reasons behind the growing world temperature, the maximum is human-made. We are the main ones responsible for these problems.

We cut trees unconditionally, we clear forests for living, and we don’t plant trees, etc. The main reason behind the growing temperature is carbon dioxide and we don’t plant the thing that takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, Tree. Moreover, we cut trees. As a result, trees can’t take carbon dioxide and can’t serve us the mighty oxygen. The temperature gets hotter. The earth loses the ability to grow food, it destroys wildlife and wilderness. We need to stop our stupid activities.

Many island nations like Bangladesh, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, and Malaysia, are in danger of sea levels. A huge land of these countries will be underwater in the next 50 years. Many lives will be hampered. We should take the necessary steps immediately to stop this. Many governments are working on this issue seriously.


Think of global warming as a quiet monster, slowly changing everything around us. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you understand it without any complicated jargon. This is your chance to learn why global warming matters to you, your family, and everyone you know. So, hop on board as we explore this important topic together. It’s not just a blog post; it’s your ticket to understanding and making a difference!

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