Importance Of Learning English Dialogue For Class 7 -10, SSC & HSC

Today’s world is the world of English. English is the international language. Everywhere people use it. So everyone should know about the importance of learning English. Here we are writing a conversation about the importance of learning English dialogue. You will get full marks in any academic exams if you follow the full dialogue we wrote. Follow the steps and information of the dialogue.

Two class friends are talking with each other about the importance of learning English, this is the scenario here.

Importance Of Learning English Dialogue

Two friends Rahim and Karim are talking about the importance of learning English:

Rahim: Hi Karim! How are you?

Karim: Hello Rahim! I am fine, Thank you. How are you?

Rahim: Good. Where are you going?

Karim: I am going home, I went to the market to buy some clothes. Where are you going?

Rahim: I have a coaching class. Last week I joined Saifurs Coaching Centre to learn English proper

Karim: Oh, that’s good brother. I also need to improve my English skills because We need to use English in every sector of daily life. Moreover, English is an international language, so if We want to study abroad, We should have good language skills in English.

Rahim: You are right. This is why I am trying to improve my speaking and writing skills. Besides this, In our country, Every job sector needs good expertise in the English language.

Karim: Yes, Private companies reaching foreigners to broaden their business in the international market. So the employees need to speak in English properly.

Rahim: In the digital world, You can’t have digital services, If you don’t know English properly. You can’t use a mobile phone, You can not use a computer.

Karim: Learning English can help you meet new people. You can make connections by communicating.

Rahim: But coaching is not the best way to learn English I think. Someone can learn English by using it in their daily life. You can learn English from YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.

Karim: Yes, I agree with you. We can make a group to exercise English regularly.

Rahim: Nice idea, Let’s make it happen with Rafsan and Rahman.

Karim: OK, tomorrow We will talk about it in class.

Rahim: Ok bro, bye then!

Karim: Bye Rahim. See you tomorrow.

Dialogue about the Importance of learning English

Masum: Hello Kamrul How are you!

Kamrul: Hi Masum, I am fine and you?

Masum: I am also good. How was your day?

Kamrul: Excellent. Today I want to share something with you.

Masum: What is it?

Kamrul: You told me that you want to go abroad for higher studies.

Masum: Yes. This is my dream brother. Tell me what you want to say.

Kamrul: If you want to go abroad for studies, you need to take the IELTS exam bro. This is an English testing system.

Masum: What should I do to get the IELTS?

Kamrul: First of all, You have to improve your English language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

To improve these skills in English, You will have to start from the beginning. You have to focus on learning English more and more.

Masum: Yes, You are right. We can practice together to learn English and improve our English language skills.

Kamrul: Of course, Not only for studying abroad. English is the international language. Every job sector and business sector needs people who are good in English. So everyone should learn English properly.

Masum: Can you suggest some easy ways of learning English Kamrul?

Kamrul: You can read English newspapers regularly, You can watch English movies and interviews. You can learn word meanings daily. There are also many ways. If you want to be good at English, You have to practice a lot. This is the main thing.

Masum: I understand it brother. Thank you so much for telling me these important things about learning English.

Kamrul: Welcome Masum. Learning English properly is a very important thing. So start improving yourself daily in the English Language.

Masum: Ok. Where will you go now?

Kamrul: I am going to meet my uncle, see you later

Masum: OK brother, Bye.

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