Student Life Paragraph For Class 6-10, SSC & HSC – 2023

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Student Life Paragraph

The part of our life that we spend receiving education in schools, colleges, madrasahs, and universities is called student life. It is the most important time of life. During this time a student collects knowledge builds up his character and prepares himself for the future. So, this period is the seed-time of life.

A student has many duties to acquiring knowledge is the best. This is why he has to study hard. But he should not confine himself to the books only. During his leisure, he has to do other duties too, he should read newspapers, and interesting books, such as – novels; books on travels, and poems. To take part in social service is his second duty. Thus a student can make himself an ideal citizen.

Good character is the most important thing in human life. If a character is lost all is lost. Truthfulness is the best source of character. So, a student must be truthful.’He should be obedient to his superiors, and companions and affectionate to his younger brothers and sisters.

He should avoid evil company by all means. He should keep good company. A student should get himself involved in extra activities. This involvement made him familiar with many aspects that can be derived from books too. Without sound health, nothing can be performed in life. So, in order to build up his body, he should take regular physical exercise. For this, he should take part in different games.

The future of a person depends on his student life. A student must know that knowledge is power. And this acquisition of knowledge comes through the constant exercise of perseverance.

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